Day 1 – Gloucester to Limpopo, South Africa

Our day started at 1pm where we all excitedly met at Gloucester Rugby to begin our journey to South Africa.

After a grueling 10 hour flight we landed in Johannesburg at 7.00am and were picked up at 8.30am and taken to The Fold by Mickey and Paul Prince who are the founders of the Orphanage.  After nearly a full days traveling we finally arrived at the children’s home at 1pm.  We were greeted with hugs by all the kids and staff.  Once we were settled, we went out to the area we were going to transform into a sports pitch and started to prepare it for painting straight away, by brushing off the dust.  This took longer than we thought but we were determined to get it done. 

Afterwards we played with the kids to get to know them.  We then had tea and went to bed early as everyone was shattered and we had an early start in the morning.




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