Day 2 – Our first day at work

We woke up nice and early at 7am to get up before the sun was too hot and spent an hour washing down the concrete surface that was going to be turned into a basketball and netball court.  We then went in for breakfast that our head chefs Bryony and Helen made us before going back out to work.

After a few hours working on the court, we went back to the house and spent time playing with the children.  We managed to learn some of the Children’s names: Pete, Jessica, Letta and Ronnie….only 12 more to learn.

In the afternoon we started to paint the D’s in blue and the middle section of the court in green. It took us a while to get going, but after the fist section we managed to work out a method between us which enabled us to pick up speed.

Any spare time we had was spent playing with the kids.  At 6pm we went to Mama Fatima’s house where all the kids gathered ready for Paul to read a bible story. At the end they all sang a sone and gave each other a hug before bed time. We all had a really nice day.




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