Day 4 – The Court is Completed

The usual routine took place this morning…woke up, breakfast, and out we went to finish the final bits of the basketball/netball court.  All of the painting had been done except for the line markings which was the technical part.  It took quite a while to get the measurements right but we managed to mark everything out ready for the final lines to be painted.  Luckily, thanks to Fleet we had a proper machine that meant we didn’t have to paint he lines by hand.   Just as we were about to start painting Martin St Quinton one of the clubs owners and Trustee of The Fold turned up to lend a hand and see how we had been getting on.  

After a couple of hours we managed to get the job done and it looked impressive even if we do say so ourselves.  Everyone took a moment to bask in the glory of what we had achieved over the last few days.  We were excited for the children to have a look and for them to play on it, but we had to wait for it to dry properly first.  While we were waiting we decided to decorate the wall next to the court with the children’s hand prints.  The kids absolutely loved doing this and it was nice for them to be able to add their lasting contribution to the project.





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