Day 5 – Last day at The Fold

After a hard few days at work we had a well deserved lie in today!!!!!!  As Helen and Bryony had been cooking all week the girls (Cerys, Chante and Cat) decided to make breakfast for everyone.  Due to finishing work on the court yesterday we had a bit of free time in the morning to go into town and buy a few souvenirs. 

When we got back to The Fold we had a game of tag rugby with the kids which they loved.  Finally the long awaited goal posts arrived and as soon as they had been set up, a game of netball christened the court.  The children were really excited to play and it was lovely to see all of their smiles as they played.  The game went on for so long that we lost count of the score, but no one wanted to stop playing.  In the end we had to call it a day as we would have needed floodlights too. 

Before everyone went in for dinner, the children managed to get hold of Helen’s phone and started listening to some tunes.  When Gangnam style came on they all started dancing and singing which was really funny as we didn’t expect them to have seen it before.  We all had a good laugh and lots of fun.






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